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San Rafael, California Real Estate Attorneys Handle Estates in Transition

Moving to your retirement home

Once you decide to move to your retirement home, our representative from Estates in Transition*, a business allied with the Law Offices of J.R. Hastings, can help you plan and execute that move. A representative visits with you, surveys your new home, helps you select what you will take with you, and then moves you to your new home, usually within a day’s time, allowing you to arrive in time for dinner with the pictures on the wall and everything put in place for you.

*Xquisit Estates, A California Corporation (DRE No. 01402124) does business as Estates in Transition.

Creating profitable plans for your real estate

When you are ready to rent or sell your real estate, our representative from Estates in Transition, a business allied with the Law Offices of J.R. Hastings, will help you decide which option is best for you.  When the plan is executed, the representative will help you handle the belongings remaining in the home, then facilitate repairs and improvements so that the home is ready for sale.  Then, our on-staff Realtor will cause the rental or the sale of the real property.  Seamless!  With offices located in San Rafael and Mill Valley, California, our firm represents clients throughout Marin, Sonoma, Contra Costa, San Francisco and adjacent Bay Area counties in need of a real estate brokerage firm that helps them make the most of their estate.

Solving your estate issues

When you are the executor or the trust administrator of an estate in transition, it is important that you distribute the assets properly to protect the best interests of all beneficiaries and to be consistent with the last wishes of your loved one. Our representative from Estates in Transition accurately catalogues the assets involved and makes sure the dispersal process follows the guidelines of the trust or will. After distribution, the representative advises as to the best disposition of the remaining assets, often locating specialized consignors and even arranging estate sales.

Our estate transition services

A representative from Estates in Transition works with our clients and industry professionals to create an effective plan for the disposition of personal effects and the profitable sale of any property. We offer the following services related to the transition of your estate:

  • We take careful inventory of your assets and disperse property to heirs. Our representatives can also arrange estate sales.
  • We enhance the monetary value of the property you wish to sell through a repair and beautification program. This maximizes the profit potential of the sale.

We provide full brokerage services, including placing your property with a Multiple Listing Service and seeking Internet exposure. Our on-site Realtor provides a comprehensive plan for the most complicated estates.

Our estate plan and elder law attorneys collaborate with you to determine the most advantageous plan for your situation, so you benefit from the most profitable estate transition possible.

Contact us for legal assistance with your estate in transition.

If you have an estate in transition and need legal assistance, call 415-459-6635 or at xquisitestates.com to schedule a free initial consultation. Our office is located in San Rafael, California, and we represent individuals and families throughout Marin, Sonoma, Contra Costa, San Francisco and adjacent Bay Area counties.

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