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Establishing a plan to secure your personal and financial well-being

As you get older, it's important to have an attorney who understands your struggles and makes sure your legacy is secure under the law. At the Law Offices of J.R. Hastings in San Rafael, California, we provide elder care counsel for clients throughout Marin, Sonoma, Contra Costa, San Francisco and adjacent Bay Area counties. Our firm works to ensure that you have a plan in place that is focused on your future well-being.

Establishing Agents for health care, Attorneys in Fact for finances and Conservatorships

For older clients, and even our younger clients, it is necessary to have a plan in place to establish who is in charge of your financial and medical issues if you ever fall ill and cannot take care of yourself. Depending on your situation, our firm can establish the following plans for you and your loved ones:

  • Advance Health Care Directives and Powers of Attorney We plan to avoid court-designated Conservatorships by establishing documents giving others powers to assist you when you are in need.  Normally, these include nominating an agent in an Advance Health Care Directive and an Attorney in Fact in a Durable Power of Attorney for Management of Property and Personal Affairs. 
  • Conservatorship -- If you fall ill and are unable to take care of yourself or your finances or property, we can assist you and your family by appointing a conservator to be in charge of your affairs, including providing for your housing, medical needs, paying your bills, organizing your taxes, and any real estate brokerage needs.

Handling your Medi-Cal and Veterans benefits administration

If you are 65 or older in California, you may be eligible to be covered under Medi-Cal for in-home or residential home assistance. This is the state's Medicaid health program designed to give proper care to seniors with limited resources. In special circumstances, younger persons may also be eligible for Medi-Cal and other government benefits.

If you are a Veteran or a spouse of a Veteran, you may qualify for pension benefits.

At the Law Offices of J.R. Hastings, our elder law attorneys can determine whether you meet the requirements for Medi-Cal or the Veterans Benefits Administration.  We then guide you through the complex process of getting the care or pension to which you are entitled.

Planning ahead for your business

There may come a time when you no longer wish to pursue your own business.  Seeking the help of a law firm well before then can ensure that your business is in good hands when you retire. By preparing ahead for your business changing hands, you may reduce the tax consequences resulting from the transition. An effective business succession plan is designed to make the transition of power as smooth and financially efficient as possible.

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For high quality counsel regarding your elder law issues, call the Law Offices of J.R. Hastings today at 415-459-6635 or contact us online at www.jrhastingslaw.com to schedule an initial reduced-rate consultation. Our office is located in San Rafael, and we represent clients throughout Marin, Sonoma, Contra Costa, San Francisco and adjacent Bay Area counties.

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